Online Behavioural Advertising

Information about Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA)

The advertising on our sites, services, applications and tools will be optimized according to your predicted interests by collecting and processing data in anonymous form about your usage behaviour. For this purpose, we will use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies (see our Cookie Notice). The usage data collected via our websites, services, applications and tools will be stored in pseudonymous form. We may provide anonymous and statistical data regarding the use of our websites, services, applications and tools to third party providers for advertising purposes.

Responsible for the collection of data (data controller) is: GmbH, Albert-Einstein-Ring 2-6, 14532 Kleinmachnow-Dreilinden, Germany.

If you have further questions regarding Online Behavioural Advertising you can email: or you may contact our customer support.

You will also find more information about Online Behavioural Advertising and the possibilities to opt out from it at and in our Cookie Notice.

Which type of data will be collected?

Collected will be data about your activities on and usage of our websites, services, applications and tools (e.g. which display ads you clicked on, which sub-pages you visited, your search queries etc.). Since, according to the current legal situation, it cannot be fully ruled out that the collected usage data may be indirectly referenced to your person, all usage data will be stored in anonymous or pseudonymous form so that an identification of you as a person will almost certainly not be possible. Where applicable, these usage data will be processed in connection with anonymous data collected from online surveys (if any). Your IP address, which is transmitted due to technical reasons, will be fully anonymized by an independent third party and will not be used for the targeted display of advertisement.

Opt Out from Online Behavioural Advertising

If you want to opt out from being displayed Online Behavioural Advertising, you can block the placement of cookies on your computer by changing the settings of your browser so that it does not accept cookies. You can also change the settings of your browser so that you will be asked to confirm the placement of cookies in each case. Finally, you may delete cookies on your computer at any time. For details, please refer to the manual or help pages of your browser. We offer certain features that are available only through the use of cookies, so that the blocking of cookies may prevent us from delivering certain services to you. Please note that after having deleted your cookies, you will have to re-activate any opt out links that have been activated at the time of cookie deletion.

You will find more information regarding the use of Google Analytics for display of Online Behavioural Advertising and the deactivation of Google Analytics in our Cookie Notice.

Information about Third Party Ad Networks and Ad Service Providers

In order to optimize advertisements according to your interests, we have allowed the following third party ad network and ad service providers ("Third Party Providers") to collect and use usage data for the display of Online Behavioural Advertising on our website or other websites:

The Third Party Providers may also use anonymous usage data about its own users to select ads to serve on our websites. Click the respective link above to learn more about Third Party Providers business practices and privacy policies, including how to opt out of the collection and use of usage if you do not want to be displayed Online Behavioural Advertsing any more.

At you will find further information about Cookies and the respective Third Party Providers including the possibility to opt out of Online Behavioural Advertising from specific or all third party ad networks or ad service providers. If you want to go directly to the Your ad choices section, please click:

Although the Third Party Providers use some anonymous information about you to display ads, we do not permit these companies to collect any personal information about you. Third Party Providers use cookies to collect anonymous information, which may be used to tailor the advertising you see on our websites or elsewhere on the web. Third Party Providers use some anonymous information about your usage behaviour we provide to them to display ads on our websites or other websites.

For the anonymous collection of information about your usage behavior and the provision of such anonymous information to Third Party Providers, we use the technology ("DMP-Tag“) of The ADEX GmbH, Berlin. To learn more about this technology, please visit the website of The ADEX. You can opt out of the collection of information via the The ADEX technology by clicking the following link: Alternatively, you can opt out of this collection of information by turning off as a company in the Your ad choices section at

We use the usage data collected by the Third Party Providers via Online Behavioural Advertising also to analyze the use of our website and the usefulness of our advertising on other websites within Google Analytics. You will find more information regarding the use of Google Analytics and its deactivation in our Cookie Notice.

Compliance with Self-Regulatory Principles of the DDOW and IAB Europe

In addition, we comply with the self-regulatory principles ("Selbstregulierungskodex") of the "Deutsche Datenschutzrat Online-Werbung (DDOW)" and the IAB Europe OBA Framework. You may view the applicable self-regulatory principles at: has been OBA-certified by ePrivacy and was awarded the EDAA Trust Seal. By that, ePrivacy as approved OBA Certification Provider of the EDAA (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance) confirms that has fully implemented and complies with the IAB Europe OBA Framework. Privacy Notice and Cookie Notice

Please find more information in our general Privacy Notice.